Review: Cava Mezze – Greek Restaurant in Rockville MD 20850

Review: Cava Mezze - Greek Restaurant Rockville MD 20850

Ok, I’ve heard and read amazing reviews for Mezze, a in Traville Village Center, in MD for a while now.  People say it’s delicious, it’s hip, it’s trendy.. so I finally cave in when my friend asked me to go eat lunch at yesterday.

We arrived a little before the lunch hour, so we had no trouble finding a place to sit.  We ordered a number of dishes, starting with Tzatziki, a yogurt, cucumber and garlic sauce/spread that we ate with the flat breads.  The tzatziki was mild and refreshing.  We also ordered the Spanakopita, the Lollipop Chicken, and the Scallops Risotto.

Each spanakopita is individually wrapped in phyllo dough, with feta cheese and spinach.  Our lunch portion was served with 4 spanakopitas.  I love the fact that it’s not too heavy, and a great balance between the feta cheese and the spinach.

The Lollipop Chicken portion came with 3 pieces of deep fried drumsticks served on top of Greek yogurt.  The breading/batter was sweet like honey, and the chicken was juicy.  Very delicious! (I mean, can you go wrong with anything sweet, battered, and deep fried??)

Lastly, the Scallops Risotto is to DIE FOR!  I’d have to say that it’s something I’d come back for again and again.  I’m not going to try to be creative here.. it’s seared scallops served on risotto.  Just go and try it yourself.. you won’t be disappointed!

So…the restaurant CAVA definitely lived up to the hype.  Go try it, they’re located in the Traville Village Center in Rockville, MD 20850, not far from Fallsgrove.

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